Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome to the world....

I went to visit this afternoon, and Georgia is SO tiny (especially compared to my boofy boy LOL) She weighed 6lbs 10oz and is the sweetest little thing. Its almost enough to make a girl want another baby!!!

Vic is looking great but they are both really tired though so I hope she lets them get some sleep tonight.

I got this shot of both my sisters and I with our latest additions. Riley is 9 months, Isaac is 6 months and Georgia is just six hours old (aawwww)

Before I sign off I actually managed to get a LO done on Saturday night. Its of my little sis with Isaac the other day. All Basic grey stuff.


kathie said...

Love the layout Nic. And the pic. How exciting!! A new baby. Ours are so big now in comparison, aren't they? You're so lucky having all your sisters close by and all of you having littlies. Sweet.

Roz said...

oh congratulations to the family!! How beautiful :o) And gee she looks great for having given birth just 6 hours earlier lol!

wow, enjoy this time with your sisters and all the bubs together, how fabulous.

Katie Toland said...

What a beautiful baby! She is so fair. That is a beautiful photo of your girls all together too.

I'm not sure I belive your sister just had a baby six hours earlier! She looks fabulous!!!

Love the layout too. I love that photo, and the one you posted a few days ago of Isaac and Vic's belly.

Katie Toland said...

"You" girls! I know your baby's not a girl!


Nat-Mardon said...

What a special photo to get with your sisters with all your babies - gosh, what are the chances of that all happening within a year!!

Goergia looks beautiful and healthy, lets hope she gives Mum plenty of time to rest.

Nat xx

kate mason said...

congratulations aunty nic!!!!!!!!!! what a sweet little thing she is. oh, i am getting so excited now. only 14 more sleeps for me. (hey, theres another clue!)

Jan Green said...

Hi Nic, it's Jan and have just seen the photos of Vic, Mike and Georgia...she's beautiful. Hope to catch up with you all soon. Love to you all...PS Your boys are just so cute!!

Lydell Quin said...

Congratulations! Lovely little girl! Love your LO too, I like seeing how people put basic Grey papers together, I love it, but It is a challenge for me!
I tried to e-mail you the list of DT topics, but your e-mail is not working, Janine had the same trouble. The first few are written on the black board in the first photo of my scrap room on my blog. This will give you a head start at least, until you can get them all. Maybe if you sent me an e-mail and I could reply to it??? Might work?

Ruth clarke said...

Yummo there goes that Basic Grey pp's just love them. Your LO is beaut! Congrats on being an Aunty again, a new baby how exciting, I wouldn't care if the stalk laid one at my door any day!

Nic Wood said...

Hey Nic, the proud mum Vic here! Gee your very clever! Looks like I've pulled up alright after the whole thing! Still not too keen on another one for a VERY LONG TIME. Georgia is great, have been getting about six hours sleep a night (so far so good!) and we went to have her weighed again at the hospital today as she was loosing a little weight but we have managed to beef her up a bit and she is just a champ! We love her to bits!!! And she just loves her Aunty Nic too!!! Onya.