Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 10


We give you the greatest gift of all,
a head start that will last throughout your life

We shall do our best to teach you,
but it will be up to you to learn

We shall try to guide you in the right directions,
but it will be up to you to make the right decisions

We shall also encourage you to seek your own independence
but it will be up to you to be responsible

We shall tell you about 'drink and drugs',
but it will be up to you to say 'no'

We shall teach you about respect,
but you will choose whether to appreciate it's value

We shall encourage you to try,
but you should want to succeed for yourself

We shall teach you kindness,
but it will be up to you to be good-natured

We shall teach you to share,
but it will be up to you to be unselfish

We shall model values for you,
but you have to develop your own morals

We give you this knowledge as a gift
with all our love

These words seemd very appropriate to share today. ( they were not written by me and unfortunately I didn't note down who they actually were written by)

Today was Calebs final day at Primary School. Wow, its hard to believe that next year I will have a child at High School...where have the years gone?

Last night we attended his graduation service. It was a little surreal seeing them all up there, realising that this would be the final time they would be a part of student body of the school. As a group they have grown and matured, their teachers have guided them, and over the past eight years have grown from the shy little five year olds that we dropped at school on their first day, to lovely, confident and mature young people.

Caleb bought home a report that he was proud of. He isnt a brilliant student, and really needs to work at getting reasonable grades. He has obviously put in a little more work in the last half of this year (not sure when, as he hardly ever did any homework!!!) and overall his grades reflected this - he did the best he could, and that is really all we can ask, we were proud of him!

During the service they put photos of each of the kids up on the screen as they were introduced. Here is Calebs - his reception photo, and his year 7 photo

I just went through some old photos and found these two as well

School swimming 2004 - Yr 2

Caleb & Nathan, term 4 2005 - Yr 3