Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 14

Reusable wrapping
I mentioned in an earlier post that Mum and I are trying to minimise the amount of paper waste when wrapping our gifts this year. I showed the fold up bags I am making, and today I thought I would share Mums idea. I love how quick and easy these are, and they look fantastic! She has stitched a Christmas fabric panel onto reusable 'green' shopping bags and totes. Re-purposed, recycled and reusable Christmas wrapping!

I know the green shopping bags do not breakdown readily, but here in South Australia the plastic supermarket bags were banned about 6 months ago, so the majority of people have these coloured reusable bags. Although they are not compostable, they are reusable and Mum has created her wrapping from something she already had - I love how she has used the red and green (which match her tree very nicely LOL). It will be fantastic Christmas day, not only will there be much less waste to fill the bin, everyone will have a bag of some sort to carry home their gifts! My favourite is the one with the reindeer fabric in the top picture, you should be able to click on that one for a closer look.


Becky said...

What a great idea! I think I will borrow this when I run out of paper :)