Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 22

A Christmas Tradition

Just about every year since Caleb was born in 1997 we have been a part of the local living nativity . Each night during our local Christmas lights festival local people volunteer there time to present the Christmas story twice a night. Each of our children have taken a turn to play baby Jesus the year they were born, and Craig and I were Mary and Joseph. This photo is from last year when Jacinta was baby Jesus, we were Mary and Joseph, Isaac was an angel, and Caleb & Nathan were Shepards.

Caleb & Nathan were both Shepards last Sunday, and tonight Nathan was in it again. I was very excited as my friend Nell was Mary, and the gorgeous three week old Madeline was baby Jesus. I was just going along to watch, but they needed another pair of adult hands as a Shepard, so I was in it too. It was the first time I had played anything but Mary, and I really enjoyed it! I looked after a sheep, and Nells little boy Daniel (who was the cutest little Shepard - you can just see him & I to the left of the photo) her oldest daughter Hannah was also in it as an angel, as were my sisters three -Jess, Luke & Riley - as you can tell, its often a real family affair!


Nell said...

what are you doing blogging at this time of night you crazy lady? At least I have a newborn as an excuse! Thanks so much for taking care of Dan! We had fun too!
p.s. now that we are home Maddie is rejecting the dummy again LOL

Louise said...

It looks like so much fun, I have really enjoyed getting the kids involved in Christmas activities this year! Thanks so much for the blog award, what a lovely suprise :) I'm always amazed that someone reads my blog LOL