Friday, December 04, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 4

Resistance is futile...

This morning I had to go and drop some paperwork off at Caleb's school for next year. It just so happens that there is a spotlight not far from there. I wasn't far from a Spotlight yesterday either, but I managed to resist the temptation. Today I justified the visit to myself with the reasoning that the 30min drive to just drop off some paperwork (that could have been posted if I was a little more organised) may as well include a little window shopping since I was practically there anyway. I should have known my will power would be weakened by all that fabric, and the fact that I had the Christmas discount voucher in my pocket (spend $100 and get $40 off!)
I came home with some gorgeous glittery sheer fabric to make up a table runner for Christmas lunch (in exactly the same colours as my tree decorations, I was very excited!!!) , 2m wool blend wadding, some thread, new blades for my rotary cutter, a 4" quilters square, pins, bent safety pins, a 12m end of bolt (@ $1/m fabric) for a quilt back & Christmas gift bags - I'm aiming for a no wrapping paper Christmas this year, this fabric will also co ordinate with the tree very nicely, and some other stash building bits and pieces. Its a great feeling knowing that once I had the basic stuff I needed (wadding, thread & table runner fabric) which was about $60 worth, the next $40 was basically free, hence lots of nice little treats for me! I dont think my two very bored children were quite so impressed by my bargain shopping -an ice cream on the way home fixed that though, and they are now BOTH fast asleep, ahhhhhhhhhhh bliss!


Becky said...

Great shopping, ice cream works well at this time of year, on me anyway ;)