Sunday, December 06, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 6

The Spirit of Giving

Ever since the kids started being cared for by some one other than me I have always given their carers/teachers etc a little Christmas gift. I think it is important (Craig has no idea why I would even think to buy the teachers a present!) Ive entrusted these people with the care and well being of my children, and I appreciate the fact that they have played a part in my children's lives. I also think it is important for my children to remember to be thankful to their teachers etc. I try not to spend too much, it is more of a token of our appreciation. I guess it probably came about while I was working in long day care and family day care...I never doubted that my relationship with the children in my care was important, but it was always lovely when that was reiterated with a few kind words in a card at Christmas. Do you know I don't even think it was the fact I was receiving the card/gift that gave me the warm fuzzies, it was more the way you could tell how the child was so thrilled and proud to be able to give something to someone they cared about - that's what its all about really!

Today Nathan & Isaac made Christmas cards for their teachers. Isaac made (I cut out the pieces and he glued them together and glittered them!) three little cards, one for each of the kindy teachers that he has had over his pre-entry sessions this term. We tied a few little chocolates with a pretty ribbon to go with them.

Nathan made these gorgeous cards.
He choose the buttons, stuck them on and did the stitching on the machine.
One is for his guitar teacher, We made this tree of chocolates for her (there were plans to make a few of these trees, but my stash of chocolates seems to have mysteriously evaporated into thin air!)
The other is for his Yr 5 teacher - That will be accompanied by a bottle of wine and block of chocolate. He wrote a lovely little Thank You and Merry Christmas message in each of them. We just have one more to go for his Karate teacher.

Caleb is not into the whole crafting thing - I will make a card for his teacher and he can just write in it (probably under sufferance) She will also get a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate.


Selina said...

Gorgeous cards! My Mum was a teacher/single mother, and I always saw first hand how much extra effort she always put into her job. As a result, I have always made a big deal of giving my daughters teachers a special thank you gift for all their hard work.

Nat said...

They are just beautiful - well done to the boys! I love the button tree idea, might ahve to do that with my kids!
I love the chocolate tree too - where did you get those chocolates from, they look perfect! I'm planning to make gingerbread cookie trees for our teachers, but I better start soon!!