Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 16

Homemade Cordial

Last night I decided I wanted to have ago at making some Lemon Butter. We headed off this morning to a friends gorgeous old lemon tree and got ourselves a basket of lemons.

We had plenty of lemons, and as the recipe for lemon butter requires whisking for 20 min - not something I wanted to try with a kitchen full of children wanting to help, we decided to have a go at making some lemon cordial together.

Nathan stirred and made the sugar syrup while Isaac squeezed the lemons. We added all the ingredients to the mixing bowl and let it cool before bottling it and labelling it and finally mixing up a glass with some nice cold soda water. It made delicious lemonade and we all loved it.

I had some oranges that needed juicing and some left over sugar syrup, so I then made a couple of bottles of orange & lemon cordial. I don't think it will last long around here though!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have the lemon butter made.

You can find the recipe for the Lemon Cordial and the Lemon Butter, and LOTS of other yummy goodies on the Down to Earth Blog - it is a wonderful, thought provoking and inspiring blog, focusing on simplifying your life and the way you do things - going back to basics, learning to enjoy and value many of the homemaking skills that are being lost in this age of consumerism. It is a great resource if you want to have a try at making anything at home from scratch - you can find anything from soap making to making your own dairy products and everything in between. Its become my nightly read for the past few weeks!


Nell said...

Looks delicious (and great entertainment for the holidays too!) Will have to catch up soon (before Maddie loses the newborn look!)
Keep smiling,
Nell xxx

DebbieJ said...

Hi from Bunbury in Western Australia. I am enjoying your Advent blog-a-long posts! I am also a reader of Rhonda's Down to Earth blog and have spent many hours reading through her archives. She is a great writer and very inspiring.

Becky said...

I used to make lemon cordial with my Grandad many years ago. Off to check out that blog :)