Monday, December 07, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 7

A day of lasts

Today was Isaccs final pre entry Kindy session. They had a little party and sung Christmas songs. I remembered at 8.30am that he needed to take a little plate of something to share. A quick trip to the shop and a few minutes work and this is what he headed off with.

Apparently he stood at the table holding one, telling anyone who would listen that he had made them - cute

Isaac took his presents and cards along for the teachers and came home with a calender for us(complete with gorgeous painted hand prints) and a special book as a gift from the kindy...they made a great choice, it was a book we didn't already have. I say that as though it is amazing, as we have an enormous collection of children's books. It started while I was studying children's literature as my major during my bachelor of teaching and has slowly but surely snowballed from there!

While Isaac was at Kindy, Jazz and I had haircuts and then popped in to visit my Nanna. This will be the final time we will get to visit her house as she will be living in an aged care facility from this Thursday. Mum was also there and I took the opportunity to snap this shot of the four of us on my phone. Four generations, spread over 85 (ish) years! It will be the end of living independent in her own home for Nanna, but over the past few years her ability to care for herself adequately has diminished. She spent some time in respite a while back and really enjoyed that, so hopefully it will be a smooth transition for her. It will certainly ease the pressure from Mum, who along with her SIL provided the majority of support and assistance for Nanna while she lived alone.


The Handmaden said...

Ooh, yummy treats, my kids would love those. Hope Nanna is happy in her new home.