Thursday, December 03, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 3

not once, but one day!

Today I took Isaac and Jacinta to visit Santa. We love the one at Myer TTP, they are not usually too busy, and will spend a bit of quality time with the kids. Even better they don't try and push ridiculously priced photo packages down your neck, in fact they are more than happy for you to take your own!
Jazz was a little hesitant, but did sit there for a bit, then Santa let her wander around ringing his bell, which she thought was wonderful. Each time she went over he would chat away to her as well as Isaac who was on his knee - it was lovely! The kids always get a little something from Santa as well - this year it was a hat and a whistle - the kids loved them, Mum (and the other shoppers I suspect) not so much! A little bribery with a packet of tiny teddies distracted their interest eventually!
Then we headed back up the hill to the aged care home where my Nanna lives, for their Christmas party. The kids got to see Santa...again. Jacinta must have been impressed the first time as she was very excited when he arrived. The residents LOVE seeing the little kids there, and Nanna just beams when any of her Great Grand children come to visit. She is doing pretty well for someone who will be 94 in a few months!


Becky said...

Glad you had happy children for Santa. Last year Possum screamed, I took the photo anyway but still feel a little guilty when I see it!

Hope we do better this year :)

Car said...

How good is it they sat on santa's lap, I was in the picture with K last year and suspect this year will be the same...