Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 17

Edible Christmas Trees

I saw these Christmas trees on a friends face book page and loved the idea.(Thanks Nat) Last night after dinner we tried them out.

Jazz is a bit young to grasp the concept of using sweet yummy treats to create something with.

I iced her cone,
she had a try at putting a couple of decorations on it, but was much more interested in picking off the chocolates and eating them, and spreading the sweet, sticky icing all over herself and the table!

Isaac enjoyed putting decorations on his - he didn't like the idea of getting fingers covered in icing though, so he was very careful!
all finished - and that apparently is a happy smile! Time to eat it!

Nathan meticulously placed the decorations onto his tree, gradually working his way around and following the pattern - so Nathan!
His finished masterpiece. The taste test - he started on the one Caleb had decided he didn't want to finish making, and then moved onto his!


Nat said...

AWESOME!!!! Love it. The great thing about this activity is its great for all ages - the older ones can get meticulous about it... great masterpieces!!

Nell said...

Gee I love that kid! Maybe you could hire Nath out as a style consultant? I reckon every family needs one like him! It would certainly help to have an organised person in this house!
Oh, incidently, I think Hannah and Isaac both share the same "smile for the camera" face!

Car said...

Great activity!

Eloise said...

Gorgeous photos, what a great idea!

kathie said...

Haha! That looks like heaps of fun!

I gave you a blog award. Check out my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of the receipe and instructions on Nat's christmas tree cakes? I would love to make them this week with my 6 and 3 year old. Checked out Nat's blog but no postings since Sept and no email address.
Regards Kathy