Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Advent blog-a-long | day 19

Its a busy time of year

Craig and I went to a Christmas function last night. We called in a few favours and all the kids headed off for sleep overs at various friends and family (thanks everyone!). I guess that's one of the draw backs of having a larger family, its much more difficult to get someone to look after all four at once, especially overnight. Usually its one or the other of us with meetings or a dinner and the other will stay home and look after the kids, so last night was a bit of a treat!

Isaac seemed a little tired this afternoon. I didn't think much of it when I took these photos. His day sleep has become an occasional luxury for me over the past 6 weeks or so, he slept in Georgias room last night and it took them a while to get off to sleep, and we have had a couple of busy weeks.
He was outside 'helping' Daddy, when I saw him laying on the bench under the pergola. He didn't want to go and hop in bed, so I bought the bed to him. He napped here on and off, then on the lounge inside while we de-spider webbed, swept, washed and cleaned the outdoor area. While I was finishing up Craig popped a DVD on the portable player for him, he wanted to watch it in bed. He fell back asleep watching it and is still sleeping now, he didn't wake for tea, and when we popped him into his PJs, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

The 'awwww, isnt that cute' moment of him napping on the bench has now turned to the niggling thought - is he coming down with something? Only time will tell...we are generally a pretty healthy family, but the kids are notorious for getting 'sick' right on their birthdays, or the day before we go away somewhere. Lets say a little prayer tonight and keep everything crossed that Christmas will be happy and healthy, especially for my little man!

PS - Nathan and I did end up making the lemon butter, and it is delicious. The people Nathan stayed with last night was where we got the lemons. I had given them a bottle of lemon cordial and a jar of lemon butter to say Thank You. The boys had lemon butter on pancakes this morning - the verdict - VERY YUMMY!

PSS - Remember the gorgeous bump that I got to take some photos of a few weeks back? My friend Nell welcomed little Madeline the world just six days later. Yesterday I was thrilled to go and meet her (and take some newborn photos) - she is just beautiful - Congratulations!

PSSS - this is the last one, promise!

Thank You to my lovely (and extremely talented, inspiring and creative) friend Kathie who has passed on a creative blogger award to me. (Check out her blog and see the people I'm listed with - I felt a little bit creatively underdressed being mentioned in that list I can tell you!!!)

As part of this, I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you don't know. so here goes...
1. I bite my nails - I can (and have) grow them for special occasions, and yet I still bite them.
2. I have a Bachelor of Teaching - Early Childhood Education
3. I had a knee reconstruction after I snapped my cruciate ligament netball training.
4. I don't like olives - they smell and taste Yucky!
5. I had never moved house, until I got married.
6. I like lemon flavoured lollies.
7. My first car was a mini

Now I need to forward the love to 7 other people, whose blogs inspire me - I thought I would pass this on to a random selection of the eb newbie quilters girls, many of them are also part of the advent blog-a-long - lots of inspiration every day!



kathie said...

Your blog is most definitely worthy of a creative blogger award :).

Yay you, for being able to get out with Craig to your Christmas do. Hope you enjoyed it!

Jamie is sick at the moment. He spent all yesterday on the couch whimpering or sleeping. Thankfully he seems to have made a good recovery and is sitting here eating a piece of toast (did not eat yesterday at all). Hopefully Isaac is not following suit, and is just tired!

Haha, a mini? I can so imagine that!

Car said...

I hope Isaac didn't end up coming down with something!

I agree your blog is definately worthy of a bloggy award!

Thanks for sending it on to me :)